NEWS 2017

On 9th June 2017 the litter Q was born. The mother is Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny and the father Anakin ze Zevlova dvora. The puppies are a boy and 4 girls. The names from Q gave us a little bit of work, but in the end they are Quincy Maik (the boy), Qwendi, Qera, Qwinny and Quarra (the girls).

On 3rd May 2017 the litter P z Letinské kovárny was born. It is a litter by my friend Karin Lange in Germany. The father is Bady Acacia Hill and the mother Happy z Letinské kovárny. Happy z Letinské kovárny have already had litter K and I am glad to help with the breeding of chodsky pes in Germany.

The first half of 2017 was rather calm for us.
Vita od Strážné skály won V1 and BOV at the club exhibition in April. After the club exhibition our most popular exhibition followed:  the regional dog exhibition in Staňkov. This is the only exhibition near Domažlice so my breeding station has this exhibition as compulsory. 16 breeds z Letinské kovárny took part in the exhibition. Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny won V1, VT, KV and the 2nd place NON FCI. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic received V1 and VT. Three times we have participated in the competition for the best breeding group and won 3 times, so this year we had to register our breeding station again. We have the fourth victory in a row.

NEWS 2016

On 14th November 2016 the litter O z Letinské kovárny was born. The delivery was very smooth and after 3,5 hours it was all over . The 8 puppies include 5 boys: Odin, Olivier, Orpheus, Oskar and Ozzy and 3 girls: Odetta, Olivia and Orisa. All puppies are already reserved.

Photos can be found in the gallery.

On 5th Novemeber 2016 ......... Slovakia!! The task was clear -  the champion of Slovakia. I went with Bea Chrámeckých vinic to Bratislava. The judge Vojtek judged her very positively by excellent 1, CAC and BOS. Bea is the Champion of Slovakia!!

On 29th October was Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny at Double CACIB Prague. She got the mark V2 in the junior class. She was judged by Mr. Ladislav Kukla.

On 16th October 2016 I finally fulfilled a promise to my friend Vendula Rybárová who organizes the exhibition of unrecognized breeds in Mladá Boleslav. Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny got excellent 4 in the junior class and Bea from Chrámeckých vinic got excellent 2 and the title r.CAC.

On the 8th October, one week later, I went with Lucrecie to MVP in České Budějovice. Finally we got V1 without the title; however I was satisfied with her presentation. Again, Lucrecie confirmed her great character.

On 1st October “svod” of the breed Chodsky pes took place at the Hracholusky dam. Our youngest female, Lucrecie z Letinské kovárny succeeded and got the code H1, K3, W2-3-4-6.

I would like to thank the owners of the litter L and M, who represented us perfectly. All 10 puppies from our breeding station showed their great character.

On the 13th September Chantal z Letinské kovárny was mated with Áron z Jamenských valíků. The puppies are expected in two months. Aaron is a typical dog with amazing color and eyes. And the most important thing is his great calm character. The pregnancy has been confirmed by the vet already.

On 6th August we had probably the greatest event in the history of the club. It was the first European exhibition of Chodsky pes in Chodska Lhota. As an organiser I was very busy so preparing of our dogs remained on my wife. I registered Lucrecie z Letinské kovárny and her mother Bea z Chrámeckých vinic and didn’t suppose the great success of our breeding station. Bea was in the class of winners and in the strong competition she won her class with V1 and CAC. Our goal was fulfilled. Lucrecia on her first show got V without any order in the young class. But I was maximal satisfied with her nice presentation and her great character when she stayed calm.

For the afternoon competitions I felt pretty tired, so I didn’t want to compete for the best breeding group. But the owners of the puppies from litter I with my wife decided to go to that competition on their own. From a distance I watched the action in the ring and what was my surprise when girls advanced to the shortlisted and subsequently won the whole contest. The breeding station z Letinské kovárny became the best one in the competition of 11 breeding stations!!!

Finally we compete for the best individuals of the exhibition. After a day of waiting Bea was rather reluctant and her presentation lacked more liveliness however she won the title the European champion of chodsky pes 2016 – females. She won the title from 152 females – just beautiful!

Immediately after taking photos final competitions started. As an additional bonus Bea was awarded BOS. This title determines the best individual of the opposite sex than the winner, actually the second place of the exhibition of nearly 300 dogs. Nice feeling!!!

On 11th July litter N was born after a hurried birth. The mother is Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny, the father is Laskarr Daraskár. The puppies, two boys (Nash and Norbert) and a Girl (Nicolett) are already in their new homes.

On 21st May I supported the exhibition in our region. The regional exhibition in Pilsen was very successful for us. Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny achieved VN1 in the youth class with this reference: 7 months old bitch of the right format, very well shaped head, scissor bite, good ear, brown eye, great body, right angles with good movement, signs not quite ideal. Her mummy Bea z Chrámeckých vinic won V1, VT and OV in the winner class with this reference: 5 years old bitch in excellent condition, which retains her class rightly. The evaluator was Mr. Miroslav Václavík. Finally Bea won the group of unrecognized breeds so we have BIG of the unrecognized.

On 11th May Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny was mated with Laskarr Daraskár. The dog has mated Chantal z Letinské kovárny, too and the character of the puppies has been excellent. We expect the puppies around 11th July 2016.

Laskarr Daraskár Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny

On 8th May we visited our favourite regional exhibition in Staňkov. I take Bea z Chrámeckých vinic and Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny. Bea got V1 and VT in the winner class. Lucrecia achieved VN1 in the youth class. Finally, our breeding group “z Letinské kovárny” won the title “the best breeding group of the exhibition” for the third time.

On 16th April we took part on the club exhibition in Hradec Králové. I took Vita od Strážné skály and Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny with me. Vita got the evaluation “excellent” in the veteran class. With her 11,5 years I promised her that it was her last exhibition. Lucrecia won VN1 in the puppy class and achieved the title “the best puppy of ing. Findejs’s memorial“.

The last Chantal’s puppies left us in January and we enjoyed some calm finally. I retained a bitch from Bea z Chrámeckých vinic, Lucrecia z Letinské kovárny. We have attended the kindergarten for puppies from February.

An interesting video from the skilful owner of our Madness z Letinské kovárny is here.

This year is very busy for us. Since January I have intensively prepared the European exhibition of the breed “chodsky pes” in Chodska Lhota.

The invitation is here:

NEWS 2015


At the end of November we expect new puppies of our Chantal z Letinské kovány and Laskarr Daraskár. The mating was realised on the 27 th September 2015. The pregnancy has already been confirmed.

Laskarr Daraskár Chantal z Letinské kovárny

The awaited puppies were born on 19 th October 2015. Aston Black Monster and Bea z Chrámeckých vinic have got 7 puppies, 5 boys and 2 girls. All puppies have already been reserved. The boys names are Leonardo, Lerry, Lucas, Lucius and Lucky. The girls are Lucrecia and Lussy.

My Happiness cannot be greater. 16.8.15 Was Bea mated with Aston Black Monster. If all goes well, there will be puppies in 2 months.

20.06.15 not far from us in Klatovy Bea entered another nationwide dog show. And she did not disappoint me. Excellent and titles CAC and BOS. This way she fulfilled all the criteria for receiving title Grand champion of Czech republic.

A week later, followed international dog show in Litoměřice where Bea z Chrámeckých vinic received Excellent 1 place and titles CAC and BOS. During the prolonged weekend 5-7.06.15 we ( me and Bea ) managed to enter 3 shows in Nitra ( Slovakia ) The first day, it was nationwide show with all the breeds where Bea received excellent and titles CAC and BOB. The second day followed International dog show, where Bea again received excellent, titles CAC and BOB and on the top of all this also title Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2015. On Sunday poor, tired Bea received once again excellent and title CAC. Exhibition in Slovakia was a major learning experience for us. Everything went smoothly and very professionally. Dog shows in Slovakia er on the top level.

17.05.15 17.5.15 followed breeding assessment/evaluation in Baldovec where Chantal z Letinsky kovarny fulfilled all criteria for becoming breeding bitch with evaluation code A1, I1, K2, W4-5/B4

This spring we visited almost every exhibition in Czech republic. The first one was International dog show in Ceske Budejovice 25.04.15. We took only Chantal z Letinske kovarny but she received Excellent. Week later 02.05.15 I could not miss International dog show in Praha, where Bea z Chrameckych vinic received excellent first place and title CAC and BOS. After Praha followed our favorite exhibition. Regional show in Stankov. I was accompanied by my wife and nearly all our dogs. Really wonderful day and excellent show. Chantal z Letinsky Kovarny got excellent 1. place and best in group. Bea z Chrameckych vinic excellent 1. place, best in group, regional champion. And in category of non registered FCI breeds received Bea 2. place. Vita od Strazne skaly received excellent 2 place. My breeding station won price for the best breeding station at the show. This competition represented Chantal together with Izabell and Inessie. All three girls did really great. I am very proud of them.

The last winter was quite calm. Actually, we took part only in one action. The exhibition DUO Cacib Brno with Chantal z Letinské kovárny and her Grandmother Vita od Strážné skály was very successful. On 7th February 2015 Mr. Karban judged. Chantal usually doesn’t enjoy exhibitions. But this time she won the mark V1 und the titles CAC and BOB. Her grandmother didn’t want to stay behind and won V1 und BOV.

The next day, 8th February 2015 Chantal was a little tired and she received from the referee Šimek V3. On the contrary Vita enjoyed the exhibition and won the mark V1 und the titles BOV and BOS. The weekend in Brno was great.

On 7th March we took part in the exhibition in České Budějovice with Chantal and Vita. Chantal received her first VD2 from Ing. Jančík rightfully. Vita, who grew younger after Brno, won V1 and the title Winner of the veteran class.

In spring we plan to visit many international exhibitions in the Czech Republic. We want our Chantal to become a breeding bitch.


All puppies from litter J are sold. New litter is planned in autumn/winter 2015.

During autumn MVP Double Praha received Chantal z Letinsky kovarny mark Excellent 1 and title CAC and the next day she received Excellent 2 and title r. CAC.
We ended up Autumn season by promoting Chodsky pes at European Dog Show in Brno.
Chantal was chosen to represent the best of this breed and i had the honor to introduce her to representatives of FCI.

Link to the video

Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny and Lexus speed z Gipova have got puppies. 12 puppies were born; unfortunately 3 of them were dead. Another 2 puppies died the following day (low birth weight). Nevertheless, it is a nice and strong litter. We have got 7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls. Some boys and girls are still free.

Pedigree of Lexus
Pedigree of Deizzy

Photos of the puppies (the first day)

                         Lexus Speed z Gipova                 Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny

Bea enjoys her puppies. Some photos are here...

4 weeks , 5 weeks , 6 weeks

Bea z Chrámeckých vinic and Lexus Speed z Gipova have got puppies, 4 girls and 3 boys. All puppies have already been reserved.

Photos are here: 1 week
                       2 weeks

Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny was mated with Lexus Speed z Gipova. Her pregnancy has been confirmed. The puppies will come at the end of September.

Pedigree of Deizzy          Photos of Deizzy
Pedigree of Lexus           Photos of Lexus


We took part in our traditional spring exhibitions only with Chantal z Letinské kovárny:
on 17th May Regional exhibition in Pilsen and on 7th June in Rokycany

Chantal won her class twice with the title V1, winner of the young class.


We try to do agility with Chantal... photos are here.

On 17th June Bea z Chrámeckých vinic was mated with Lexus Speed z Gipova. The mating was successful and we hope that everything will be OK.

Pedigree of Lexus is here.

Photos of Lexus are here.

Spring is going to finish soon and we always have much to do.

Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny isn’t pregnant unfortunately. Her next mating is planned for August 2014.

The daughter of Deizzy, Chantal z Letinské kovárny has gone through the “svod” in Prague. Her code is A1, I1, K2, W2.

One week later I went with Chantal and Bea to the club exhibition in Hradec Králové. Both girls were very skillful. Chantal became the evaluation “excellent 4” in the junior class among 29 bitches.

Bea won the evaluation “excellent 2” and r. CAC in the winner class and became the Champion of the Czech Republic.

On the next day Bea became the breeding bitch. Her bonitation code is A1, K2, W2. Her mating is planned for this June.

On the 8th of May we took part in the only exhibition in the Domažlice district (Chodsko). It was the regional exhibition in Staňkov.

I went with Deizzy and Chantal. Both girls won their classes. Chantal got the evaluation “excellent 1” and “the winner of the class”. Deizzy got the evaluation “excellent 1” in the open class.

With some boys from the litter CH we took part in the competition for the best breeding group. We were the only breeding group in the competition so the victory was quite easy. Nevertheless I think our presentation of Chodsky pes in the Chodsky folk costume was really nice. You can see the photos here.


Our winter was relaxed with lots of walks. I’ve begun to practice with Chantal. We haven’t chosen the discipline yet, but we have preferred agility so far. It’s important that we both enjoy it.

On 22nd and 23rd of February DUO Cacib Brno took place. I couldn’t miss this exhibition. I went with Bea z Chrámeckých vinic. Every day she got the evaluation “excellent 2” and the title “r. CAC”. I was very happy although we need the last CAC for the title “Champion of the Czech Rebublic”.

On 27nd of February our Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny was mated with Lucatto Lukato gold. The mating was successful and we hope that everything will be OK (0% kinship)

Photos of Lucatto are here

On 1st of March I took Vita, Bea and Chantal to the Regional exhibition to České Budějovice. We had a good day.

Vita od Strážné skály won the veteran class. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic also won her class and the title “Regional winner”. Finally won the class of unrecognized races and got to the group of 11 best dogs of the exhibition.

Our youngest bitch, Chantal z Letinske kovarny, went with us to gain the exhibition experience. Finally we were surprised because Chantal won her class and the title “3rd young bitch of the exhibition”. It was a demanding day but with all the cups we forgot the tiredness :))

This year’s season was ended with Duo CACIB Prag on 3rd November. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic got the evaluation “excellent” and the CAC title in the intermediate class.

I am satisfied with the last exhibition season. We got the title Veteran Champion with Vita od Strážné skály in the shortest period of 3 exhibitions. She always won the evaluation “excellent 1” and “class winner” + 1x BOV.

Bea took part in 8 exhibitions. She was always excellent and won the titles 1x VTM, 2x VT, 1xKV, Winner of the regional exhibition in Rokycany 2013, 3x CAC, 1x NV, 1xCAC ČMKU and 1x BOB.

Our plan for the next season is clear. We will try to get the last CAC for the title “Champion of the Czech Republic” with Bea. With Chantal we want to follow up with our last success.

We didn’t take part in many events last summer. I paid attention to our youngest bitch. Chantal is growing into a beautiful girl; I’m going to add her current photos.

On 11th August 2013 I went with Bea to the regional exhibition in Týn nad Vltavou. Bea presented herself great in the winner class but her summer fur wasn’t perfect so I was satisfied with the evaluation V1, VT.

On 5th October 2013 was the international exhibition in České Budějovice. At the last minute I decided to go there. Bea got the evaluation V1, CAC.


June was very successful at our breeding station.
All puppies have got their new homes. The only bitch Chantal z Letinské kovárny stays at home. I hope she will be a good successor to her grandmother Vita od Strážné skály that enjoys her retirement now. We chose great masters for all puppies and I hope we will meet some CH-puppies at exhibitions.

On 8th June 2013 I took part in the regional exhibition in Rokycany with Bea z Chrámeckých vinic. Bea got the evaluation “excellent” and won the titles class winner and regional winner in the morning. In the afternoon there was a great competition of more than 40 bitches. Therefore I thought Bea had no chance to win. Bea presented herself excellently and gradually became the best bitch of all class winners of Rokycany. Later she overcame the best dog of Rokycany and won the title The best regional winner of Rokycany 2013.
On 15th June 2013 I took part in the NVP exhibition in Klatovy with Bea. I went there mainly because of Mr. Kukla. This referee knows the race Chodsky pes very good and I wanted to have a reference from a referee that is often delegated to the club exhibitions of Chodsky pes. Bea presented herself very good and won the evaluation “excellent” and the titles CAC, National winner and BOB.


On 30th April 2013 the puppies of Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny and Brand Draugluin were born. They are 5 boys (Charles, Charon, Chasper, Chavier and Chicco) and 1 girl (Chantal). One boy is still free.


On 11th Mai 2013 Bea z Chrámeckých vinic took part in the regional exhibition in Pilsen. It was her first participation in the open class. She got the evaluation “excellent 2”. Her assessment: a 17 month old bitch, medium-sized, excellent proportions, an excellent shape of the head, a good neck, an excellent back, right mechanics of movement.

Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny was mated with Brand Draugluin. Her pregnancy has been confirmed. The puppies are going to come at the end of April.


This year we have already attended some exhibitions and the girls were quite successful. On 2nd March 2013 a regional exhibition in České Budějovice took place. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic won the class of young dogs with the evaluation “excellent”. Vita od Strážné skály won the class of veterans with the evaluation “excellent”, too.

At the end of March an international exhibition in České Budějovice took place. Bea got the evaluation “excellent 2” in the class of young dogs. Vita won the evaluation “excellent 1” in the class of veterans and the title BOV. She was running as a young dog and was praised for her light movement. She even got into the short list for choosing the best dog of the breed.

On 1st April a regional exhibition in Hořovice took place. Vita won her class again and got the title Veteran Champion of the Czech Republic.

All puppies have their new homes.

Our bitch Bea z Chrámeckých vinic has undergone an examination of her hips with the result 2/2. I want her to become a breeding bitch this year.

I plan the mating of Deizzy lou z Letinské kovárn for January or February. I am her co-owner. The mating dog will be Brand Draugluin


Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny Brand Drauglin

NEWS  2012:

Our puppies are 4 weeks old. We have already chosen their names. Boys are Hektor, Hefaistos, Hádes and Hélios, the girl’s name is Happy.

Photos are here: 10days, 3 weeks  and 4 weeks

On 10 th and 11 th November the “svod” and the bonitation of Chodsky pes took place in Hradec Králové. Our youngest bitch Bea z Chrámeckých vinic got the “svod”-code F1, K2, W2. Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny got the bonitation-code A1, K3, U1 W 3, 4, 5 and became a breeding bitch. I am her co-owner. Deizzy’s mating is planned for the spring.

The first and greatest piece of news is the birth of the puppies of Bela Agisto and Orin Bryvilsár. 7 puppies were born (5 boys and 2 girls). The girls are reserved but some boys are still free. Photo of Orin here.

Bela Agisto Pedigree here Orin Bryvilsár Pedigree here

And the next piece of news is that I took part in the special exhibition of Chodsky Pes in Hradec Králové with Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny und Bea z Chrámeckých vinic by the beginning of October. Bea got the evaluation “excellent 2” in the class of young dogs and Deizzy got the evaluation “very good” in the open class.

Bea z Chrámeckých vinic

In late June we took part in the National exhibition in Klatovy. Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny won the evaluation “excellent 2” in the open class. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic won the evaluation “very hopeful 1”.

The most awaited piece of news is the mating of our bitches!!
Vita od Strážné skály was mated with Caravaggio Vita Canina. We expect puppies should be born by the beginning of October. Caravaggio and Vita have no common ancestor in the last four generations.
Photo of Caravaggio here. Pedigree of Caravaggio here.

Vita od Strážné skály Caravaggio Vita Canina

Our second bitch Bela Agisto was mated with Orin Bryvilsár. Puppies are expected around 22nd October. Some puppies of our Bela are successful as rescue dogs. So I found a mating dog that is active as a rescue dog. We except the puppies will have suitable characters for any kind of training.

In late April I was invited to a training camp of rescue dogs from all over Germany in Waldmünchen. I went there mainly due to the dogs from our breeding station (Frosty, Eyck and Eliška). All three belong to successful rescue dogs and their work was really great. I was very proud as the breeder and it was wonderful when Chodsky pes was so praised. I was so pleased because their mother is Bella Agisto that came to us as an unwanted adult bitch. Her descendants are still successful in the strong competition. Photos from Waldmünchen and video from the Eliška’s training.


On the 8th May an exhibition in Staňkov took place. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic won the evaluation VN1 in the puppy class. I took with me also a bitch from our breeding station, Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny. Deizzy won the evaluation excellent and the title regional winner.

On 22nd March 2012 Bela Agisto was mated with a dog from our breeding station Algord Lucky z Letinské kovárny, but unfortunately Bela isn’t pregnant. Bea z Chrámeckých vinic completed the nursery for puppies. I can recommend it because it’s a great socialization. Link is here.  And some photos from our breeding station.

In February we have increased our dog pack. The new bitch’s name is  Bea z Chrámeckých vinic, photo here.  The name Bea is perhaps fatal; it’s the beginning of the name Beatricce. So we hope Bea will be a good successor to our Trejs.

We have already chosen mating dogs for Bela Agisto. Her mating should be realized this month. You will be informed soon.

Puppies have new homes.
Photos of the puppies : 14 days ; 3 weeks ; 4 weeks ; 5 weeks ; 6-7 weeks

This year the last matings of Bela (spring) and Vita (autumn) are planned. We are choosing a mating dog for Bela carefully now. Our favourite is a dog with fantastic nature, Algord Lucky z Letinské kovárny. He is a son of our Vita and a very successful dog Lucatto Lukato Gold. I will inform you soon.
Another bitch, Articcia z Letinské kovárny, will be lent to our breeding station. Her mating is planned for spring 2012.
This year we would like to increase our dog pack. We are looking for a bitch that could be mated with all dogs from our breeding station (Algord Lucky z Letinské kovárny,Casper and Collin z Letinské kovárny,Eyck z Letinské kovárny or boys from litters F and G. We hope she will fill the gap after our Beatricce.

NEWS  2011:

We have puppies!!!! 9.11.2011 Vita has litter G....2 beautifull boys. Names are Ginno and Glen.
Photos: 1 day ; 7 day

4.9.2011 On 11th August 2010 Vita od Strážné skály was mated with Black z Janiny. Vita is really gravid - we make SONo - we expect puppies on 6.11.2011 FOTO


After some time several news from our breeding station… All puppies have got their new owners. I must say, I have really super feelings about the new owners. I think the puppies will be fine.

And now something sad… On Friday, 26th August, I had to let our bitch Beatricce z Letinské kovárny put to sleep. During our way to the vet on Monday I had a car accident. I carried her there because of her probable kidney inflammation. Acute kidney inflammation was confirmed and complications after the accident made her condition even worse. Four days of infusions and another treatment didn´t help her. I had to make the most difficult decision. At 11 o’clock was Trejs put to sleep :(

We will miss you!

The litter F have names......boys Fabien,Faun,Felix,Franklin a Frosty, girl Frida. Actual photo 14days 3. week, 5.week

After some time some news from us again… I think I haven’t lazed at all.

On 14th May Beatricce took part in MPV in Prague with the evaluation “excellent” and the r. CAC title. The next weekend two exhibitions in Litoměřice took place: NPV on Saturday – Beatricce won the evaluation “excellent” and the titles CAC and The National Winner. The next exhibition, MPV, took place in the same place so we stayed the night in Litoměřice… Photos are  here

The next day Beatricce gained the evaluation “excellent” and the r. CAC title.

On 28th May I couldn’t leave out the regional exhibition in Pilsen. Beatricce was the only representative of her breed so she won the evaluation “excellent” and the title The Regional Winner without fighting.

The next morning I learnt about an interesting message that on 29th May the chodsky pes statue would be unveiled near Chodská chalupa. I couldn’t omit this occasion… and it was decided that also a living chodsky pes must be there. I packed my family and the dog immediately. During the unveiling our Beatricce was the centre of attention and proudly posed in front of the statue. Photos are here

At the first weekend in June the NPV exhibition in Klatovy took place. I went there with a secret aim to gain the last CAC for the Champion title. Beatricce succeeded with the evaluation “excellent” and the CAC title. Beatricce is the first Champion from our breeding station and I hope she won’t be the only one J.

On 11th June Beatricce took part in the regional exhibition in Rokycany and won the evaluation “excellent” and the title The Regional Winner.

I am most satisfied with the spring season; Beatricce gained titles in all exhibitions and became the Champion of the Czech Republic.

And the best piece of news (I have been waiting for a long time) is that Bela Agisto and Grot Cidabro have puppies.

 The litter F counts 5 boys and 1 girl.

We are very happy!!!

Photos are here.



Unfortunately this spring we will have no puppies. Vita was ill (uteritis). Now she is healthy, her treatment was conservative (by medicaments), the other possibility (metrectomy) didn’t have to be used. Vita’s mating is planned in autumn, after this illness is that necessary. We are choosing the bridegroom now.

Beatricce isn’t pregnant too. She rutted after three months again. In this case isn’t the mating recommended (pregnancy not probable). Nevertheless I decided to mate and this decision was wrong! The next mating is planned for autumn.

With Beatricce we will take part in these exhibitions:

14.5. MVP Praha
21.5. NVP Litoměřice
22.5. MVP Litoměřice
KV Plzeň
NVP Klatovy (here can you see also our offspring Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny)
11.6. 46. Podbrdská krajská výstava psů Rokycany

Finally one positive message: On 11th April 2011 Bela Agisto was mated by Grot Cidabro. We hope, our breeder-misfortune will end. Grot’s photo here.

23.2. Beatricce z Letinské kovárny was mated with Assgar Draugluin. Photo here

On 5th February 2011 Beatricce z Letinské kovárny took part in the exhibition Duo CACIB Brno. She was successful beyond expectation: in the open class she won the evaluation “excellent” and gained the titel CAC. Finally she gained even the title BOB. In the final competitions we weren’t so successful, but in the unrecognized breeds Beatricce won the title BIG 5.

The next day, on 6th February, we had another mission – mating of our bitch Vita od Strážné skály. As the mating dog we had chosen Grot Cidabro. The mating went good so we expect having the puppies in two months. Photos.

The end of 2010 was not very kind to us. After successful mating, our pride Beatricce absorbed all her puppies. At first it looked like everything was ok and I was looking forward to those small fur balls. But to no avail. The most important thing is that she is ok. I hope this year will be different and things work out for us. I know that losing puppies is a major disappointment but at the end its a risk every breeder must take.

In 2011 I am planning to breed on all 3 females. Vita will most likely be in heat in February. Bela and Beatricce in March/April. But as with all females, nothing is certain. I dedicated lot of time and planning to find the perfect match for all three of them. The future mate for Vita will be Dasty Stamo bud, for Bella I have chosen Grot Cidabro and for Beatricce I found Assgar Draugluin.

NEWS  2010:

We have two pieces of news, the first one is sad, the other is good.

The sad one: On 20th October Vita delivered a puppy that was unfortunately dead. The puppy was big and the delivery was long but finally natural which was the best for Vita’s health.

And the good one: On 17th October Beatricce z Letinské kovárny was mated with Chabrun od Majky. I hope this choice of an older dog will be successful and with some luck we will have puppies from this interesting connection.

Photos of this great dog are here… photo

               Beatricce                   Chabrun od Majky


Vita od Strážné skály is really pregnant (confirmed by sono), puppies are expected in the middle of October.

This year (October) we plan the Beatricce‘s mating.

The possible mating dogs are:

The favorite is Chabrun od Majky. Because of his age this could be his last mating.

On 28th August 2010 Beatricce took part in the exhibition in Mladá Boleslav. Her success: excellent, r.CAC. It is the only exhibition that I have attended with Beatricce this year. So I wouldn’t comment this season… Next year will be better

11.8.2010 On 11th August 2010 Vita od Strážné skály was mated with Grot Cidabro

13.7.2010 Beatricce z Letinské kovárny wasn’t unfortunately gravid. Her mating is planed to the end of this year

Last times we dont have enough time....

The reason is an event from April 12, 2010, our son Ondřej Peroutka was born , so maybe he will be a follower of the breeding chodský pes.

but I think he decides himself


Other big new  is that our female Beatricce z  Letinské kovárny was mated with a wonderful dog, Edgar Cidabro, mating was held May 12, 2010, and was absolutely exemplary, so we expect the birth of puppies in about 2 months

Beatricce Edgar

Puppies have new owners. Here are photos from last weeks: 
5 weeks,  7-8 weeks

Here are some photos from our kennel
girls on snow, walk with  Deizzy Lou z Letinské kovárny

For this year we are planning mating of our girls... Beatricce (april) and Vita(july) , we will give you more info about mating dogs as soon as possible.

5.2.2010 Puppies are  4,5 weeks. Next photos: 7. day, 3. week 4. week

Boys are named Edward, Eyck, Emmett, Emillien and Ellien (one boy has died after the birth)

Girls are Elly and Eliška

7.1.2010 We have puppies! Bela has litter E - 6 boys and 2 girls! photo: second day.

Bela is really gravid - we make SONo - we expect puppies on 8.1.2010

On 8th November 2009 Bela Agisto was mated with Dak Zázrak

On 24th October 2009 Beatricce won her first CAC in the International exhibition in České Budějovice. One week later, on 31st October  2009, Beatricce became a breeding bitch with the bonitation code K2,T10,W2/B4

11.10.2009 Litter D have new owners, new photos: 3 weeks, 4 weeks,  6 weeks, 7-8 weeks

10.10.2009 Beatricce exibition Klubová výstava chodských psů in Kolín - excellent 2,r.CAC. photo.

On 7th August were born puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls. Mother: Vita od Strážné skály, father: Edgar Cidabro. 

Names and tattoo numbers were assigned. The males’ names are Draco Garr, Diablo, Dorien and Darvulius, the females’ names are Deizzy Lou, Desdemona and Desire. All puppies were reserved. Photo gallery: AFTER THE BIRTH, 10 DAYS

Bela Agisto  wasn’t unfortunately gravid. Her mating is planed to the end of this year

We have mating two our girls!!!

6.6.2009 Bela Agisto by Vick od Strážné skály

Bela                        Vick - photo


7.6.2009 Vita od Strážné skály by Edgar Cidabro

Vïta                         Edgar - photo


On 26th April 2009 Vita od Strážné skály and Beatricce z Letinské kovárny took part in the International exhibition of dogs in České Budějovice. Vita won the open class and gained the evaluation V, CAC. Beatricce won the junior class and gained the evaluation V, CAJC. Thereby she fulfilled conditions for the Junior Champion of the Czech Republic. Then Beatricce won the competition of the best young Chodsky pes and of the best dog of the breed. She advanced to the final competitions with the evaluation BOB. In the afternoon we started with the Great national prize (BONB) – Beatricce was the second! She was the second once more in the competition of the best dog of unrecognized breeds (BIG NON FCI). At the end she won the title the best young dog of unrecognized breeds (Junior BIG NON FCI).

We brought these evaluations:

Vita od Strážné skály – Excellent 1, CAC

Beatricce z Letinské kovárny – Excellent, CAJC, the best young dog of the breed, BOB, BONB II, BIG II and Junior BIG I

Beatricce’s code from 18th April 2009 is I1, K2, W1

And the last news:  Beatricce z Letinské kovárny  DKK result 0/0

New photos Spring in  Letinská kovárná...

7. and 8.2.2009  Beatricce z Letinské kovárny - exibition MVP in Brno, in saturday winner of class +   CAJC + and the best young dog of breed. In sunday winer of class again and  CAJC. Our next exibition is  MVP České Budějovice

For this year we are planning mating our girls  Bela Agisto and Vita od Strážné skály.

Bela Agisto

possible mating dogs

Vïta od Strážné skály

possible mating dogs

All puppies have new owners! Boys are Carllos, Casper, Cedrick, Cirius and Collin, girls are Cathrine a Collete.
photo: litter C 3 weeks; liter C 3,5 weeks; litter C 5 weeks; Together

Vita od Strážné skály have puppies - born 15.8.2008 , 5 boys and 2 girls, father is Birri Prima Daja

10.8.2008 new photos "only for fun"

15.7. Vita is really gravid - we make  SONo - we expect puppies on 15.8.2008

12.6.2008 Vita od Strážné skály mating by Birrim Prima daja

 Vita od Strážné skály  and  Birri Prima Daja



17.5.2008  Vita od Strážné skály  - exibition KV  Plzeň, excellent, winner of class, winner of region and winner of national breed

Bela Agisto have 9 puppies - 9.3.2008 -   3 boys and 6 girls, father is James Garr z Gipova.

 No puppies are available now.


Litter B last week at home

Puppies 5-6. week

4. week

litter B 3. week

litter B 14 days

first photo  - litter B

10.1.2008 Bela Agisto mating by Jamesem Garrem z Gipova

James Garr z Gipova

In 2008 we are planing mating  Bela Agisto by dog James Garrem z Gipova


Photoof Vitas parents  - Beli los Jelmos  and  Gary z Gipova and Belas parents - Goja od Majky  and Cita Latona

 12.5.2007  Bela Agisto exibition in Plzneň  -  excelent  1, winner of classs, winner of region, 3. place in national breeds

2.5.2007 we have puppies!   2 boys and 4girls!!

 Mother - Vita od Strážné skály  mating in 2.3.2007,  father -  Lucatto Lukato Gold.


no puppies available

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