Why just the Chodsky Pes? Everything has begun by reading some articles about this breed. Later I have decided to buy this wonderful dog. Searching for free pups wasn’t easy. But once I discovered that a breeding station, which offered pups of Chodsky Pes, was close to my home. Immediately I made a date for a visitation and left to see the pups. When 8 fleecy puppies toddled to me I didn’t know which doggy I should choose. Finally I reserved a bitch and in a week I took home a new family member, VITA OD STRÁŽNÉ SKÁLY  

However, Vita didn’t stay alone. On the club web sites I found an appeal that they gave a bitch of the Chodsky Pes, which they couldn’t take care of. I left to see the bitch and in that evening Vita became a new friend, the dog girl BELA AGISTO. 

I have enthused about the Chodsky Pes breed and I have decided to found a breeding station. In the winter 2006 I required the approval of the name and at Christmas I got a letter that acknowledged the longed-for name Z LETINSKÉ KOVÁRNY (From Letiny’s Forge). 

The name of my breeding station is a return to the history of my family that stretches back to the year 1690. At that time there was a forgery. The more than 300 years lasting tradition was broken by my grand-father. Now, at least by the name of the breeding station, the tradition will be kept on and on. 

Our breeding station wants to contribute to the widening of the Chodsky Pes breed. Because people, who have met their trouble free and lively nature, like them forever…


Peroutka Karel
Letiny 5
336 01 Blovice okr. Plzeň - Jih

email: KarlosPeroutka@seznam.cz
tel.: +420 605 716 618



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